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A little bit about us

We may be “Mad”, but we also strive to Make A Difference!

Mad Labs was established for the main purpose of solving engagement, marketing, communication and real world problems, using technology.We are inherently a technology-based R&D company, with a special focus on emerging web, mobile, electronics and robotics tech.With the latest technological tools at our disposal,

we aim not only to act as problem solvers, but also as innovators of great ideas.

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The Mad Scientists of Mad Labs are Madly passionate about what we do! Adept at various programming languages and other technical know-hows, we use our Mad skills to create amazing apps, wonderful websites, and other technological wonders!

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Sucessful Experiment


Switching to a new Android mobile phone has never been easier with Ruch, a backup and migration tool we have created. Ruch backs up your contacts, SMS and MMS messages in your Google Drive, so your brand new Android phone will be ready for use after a few simple and fuss-free steps to transfer all that.

Sophie is a service we have devised to act as a convenient hub for other Facebook applications or websites. Facebook apps which are registered to the Sophie website can be scanned for various analytics. In turn, the analytics of user profiles and calls will be sent back to the Facebook app itself.

[Electronic Advertising Innovations]
Unlocking the potential and versatility of the technology found in Arduino microprocessor boards, we at Mad Labs strive to create electronic advertising innovations which are exciting and memorable. One such example we have come up with is a nifty cloth-based interactive poster, which can emit sounds – such as music or voice demonstrations – when anyone touches it. This is great for leaving a lasting impression in the minds of potential customers; with a catchy jingle or an interesting slogan spoken out to complement the visuals of the poster itself!

Long website addresses are a hassle for anyone to remember and type out, especially for people on the go. To address this problem, we have created Codr, a service that generates QR (Quick Response) codes for products or services. When consumers scan a QR code using their mobile device, they are instantly brought to the respective website on their web browser. Also, when the QR code is scanned, social analytics and mobile device trends will be transmitted to the Codr website to be recorded.


Talk Geek

At Mad Labs, we are always on the lookout for Mad ideas and Mad people to work with. Feel free to drop us a note; we can do coffee and discuss any Mad opportunities!